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Morning Dew

First time this Spring I’m sitting outside by myself just enjoying quietness, coffee, and smell of the fresh morning air.

As I was sipping my coffee, I looked at our backyard and it seemed our yard was filled with white flowers. I looked closely and realized it was water on grass - morning dew.

Then I thought when was last time I saw morning dew. I couldn’t remember. Beauty is everywhere when we take a moment to see, hear, touch, and enjoy. It is so easy to simply pass them by though.

Our grass with morning dew looks incredibly beautiful at the moment. I’m enjoying the feeling of awe so much that I want to describe it fully and write it down; hence, this blog post. But as I’m writing, I’m realizing that I can’t adequately describe the beauty in front of me. Often times, pictures don’t do justice. Words don’t do justice.

So maybe, the answer is to enjoy the moment at that moment rather than putting too much emphasis on preserving the moment for later consumption...


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