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1-Minute Content Marketing Tip #2: Repurpose your content as much as possible

Repurposing your content as much as possible is the smart and efficient way to do content marketing. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or don’t have to create new content on a regular basis. In addition to regularly creating new content, repurposing your existing content helps you be in front of your target audience more often and improves their content consuming experience. You can repurpose both your latest content and dated content.

Repurpose your latest content: different people prefer different content types

We humans are all different and how we like to consume information is also different. Some people love to read. Some people like to watch. Your target audience (I.e. those people you create your content for) is all different from each other when it comes to their content consumption preference.

Let’s say blogging is one of your primary content marketing strategies. You publish blogs on a regular basis. Some people may be happy reading your blog. Some might not enjoy reading as much. Instead, they might want to consume the same content in a video format. You can turn each blog into a video(s). You can turn a few blog posts into a live webinar. For those people who like to listen, you can turn the videos/webinar into a podcast episode(s).

Repurpose your dated content: people prefer fresh, recently published content

Here is a scenario. You have published blogs for quite some time. Some of your blogs published few years ago have been ranking high on Google. For your chosen keywords, they show up on the first search engine results page. You have a good number of visitors coming to your website via those high-performing blogs. The recommendation here is to refresh and republish these old - but high-performing - blogs. When you see various blog posts in front of you, which blog would you choose? The one that was published just few months ago or the one published five years ago? The world is changing so fast that a lot of information that was available five years ago is not as relevant today. And content consumers prefer fresh, recently published blogs.

This doesn’t mean though everything that was published five years ago is irrelevant. Review your high-performing blogs to see if all the information in the blogs are still relevant. If not, update them and and republish with today’s date. When republishing the blogs, make sure to optimize them with the keywords that they are being ranked high for.


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