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1-Minute Content Marketing Tip #5. Go Deep in Your Content Niche

The content marketing 101 is to have a very specific target audience. The content marketing 102 is to have a content niche, meaning that you want to write about specific topic and go deep in your niche rather than trying to cover a wide range of topics.

For example, this 6PM blog is for CEOs of small to medium sized enterprises operating in North America. The 6PM blog’s content niche is marketing strategy tips written specifically for SME CEOs who have an ambitious growth target.

One of the blogs and email newsletters I regularly consume belong to Interact, an intranet software company. Their content niche is employee communications, experience, and culture. Their content target audience is professionals in communications. Their content is specific to their target audience and the topics they cover in their blogs and email newsletters are always related to their content niche. I as an audience know exactly what to expect from them and their content hasn’t failed me.

Try to be as specific as possible without going too narrow that you don’t have enough topics to cover and that you can’t deliver enough value to your content audience. When deciding your content niche, try to avoid being product specific or service offering specific. The content you generate as part of your content marketing effort should be educational rather than promotional.

I recently read a book entitled Dedicated, written by Pete Davis. The subtitle of the book sums up the book quite nicely: the case for commitment in the age of infinite browsing. In his book, the author talks about the power of depth. When we are truly dedicated to something, we find ways to master it and internalize it. And when we gain mastery, we are able to concisely explain what we mastered in a way that our audience can easily understand.

This is very relevant to content marketing. Dedicate your energy and resources to your content niche. Gain mastery and share your expertise with your target audience. When your content adds value to your audience’s life and business, you will realize a return on your content marketing investment.

"When we start to go deep, we gain mastery. We stop chasing shiny things and we become the shiny things ourselves." Pete Davis, Dedicated


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