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1-Minute Content Marketing Tip #1: Create Content for a Specific Audience

It is the content marketing 101 and worth dedicating a blog post for: create content for a hyper specific audience. Just as you have specific buyer persona in mind when creating your products or service offerings, you should have a specific target audience when creating your content. Content that is created for various personas will end up not serving anyone sufficiently. It will be mediocre at best.

Let’s look at this example. You are a technology company. You have two distinct audiences: IT decision makers and c-suite executives. If you try to create content that can suit both audiences, it will not be detailed and technical enough for the first audience and it will be too technical and geeky for the second audience. If none of your audience would appreciate your content, what did you create that content for?

Businesses have various objectives when investing in content marketing such as bringing more visitors to their website, improving their conversion rate, increasing the number of their subscribers, etc. Content creation is never the ultimate goal. It’s the means to achieve business objectives. No matter what your business objectives are with your content marketing, the possibility of achieving them is slim if the content is not resonating with your target audience.

When identifying a target audience, being specific is the key to be able to create content that they will find relevant and keep coming back to your website for more. Use a template to create a specific target audience persona. See the image below for an example and download a blank template here.


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