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Career portfolio

I just love reading. Reading books energizes and gets my brain going. It also leads to researching new things, which leads to new ideas.

In early February, I took three consecutive days off to recharge after working many more hours than usual for a few weeks to host our annual conference, #Empower.

During my 3-day break, I read three different books. One of them is Flex by Annie Auerbach. Christine Greco, VP of HR at HarperCollins recommended it among many other books when we co-hosted a webinar last year on gender equity in the workplace.

I enjoyed the book so much. Many things the author talks about in the book are very much resonating. One of them is "career portfolio". So, I realized what I’ve been thinking and wanting has an actual name for it. I’ve looked it up to read more about it, and found this HBR article entitled, Why You Should Build a “Career Portfolio” (Not a “Career Path”), which is a good summary of what a career portfolio is.

Here are some of the quotes from the book:

“I felt like something was wrong with me because I was interested in so many things while my friends were laser-focused on climbing the corporate ladder.”

This is exactly how I felt and am still feeling time to time.

“Whereas a career path tends to be a singular pursuit (climb the ladder in one direction and focus on what is straight ahead), a career portfolio is a never-ending source of discovery and fulfillment. It represents your vast and diverse professional journey, including the various twists and turns, whether made by choice or by circumstance.”
“Practically speaking, a career portfolio typically leads to greater ownership of your career, because unlike a job that someone else gives you (and determines the scope of, and whether you will advance), a portfolio can’t simply be taken away. It is yours forever.”

Powerful, isn't it?

For any of you who has ever felt like a loser because you have not climbed the corporate ladder diligently because you are like a chameleon (you have many talents, interests, and passions to stick with one company, industry, or career path), I hope this concept of career portfolio empowers and inspires you to continue to shape your own journey that is authentically, YOU.

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