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Bedtime story podcast

Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep. A name of podcast that I listen to every night to fall asleep. Slowing the thoughts in my head down enough to fall asleep has never been “easy” for me and it is becoming harder and harder. In an effort to do that, I started to listen to this podcast by Kathryn Nicolai few years ago. I tried other podcasts and apps but Kathryn’s podcast has worked best for me. I like the stories she tells and her voice as well.

The stories she tells in her podcast… I’m always so amused by how everyday objects and activities become a story. How can she not run out of topics to talk about? Turning everything around you into a story certainly is an amazing talent.

The podcast episode I was listening to last night is about a day with her dog. In it, she mentions how dogs go out of their way to show their happiness and that is a proof enough for her that there is kindness in the universe. It just stuck with me.

Today, I went into the office and met with my team in person in a really long time. We hadn't been able to do it ever since the COVID pandemic started. How much energy I got just by seeing them and interacting with them in person and how grateful and fulfilled I felt to see their smiles… That was a proof enough for me today that life is simply…awesome.


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