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The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework: the What, Who, and Why

What is the 6PM Framework?

The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework visualizes your marketing plan. It is a blueprint of your SME's marketing. To generate a satisfying ROI and turn your marketing into to the growth engine of your business, you want to utilize a framework. Why? Because it ensures you have a balance marketing plan. Marketing is broad. Marketing is a long game. Marketing is a journey. Jumping in without a framework - a balanced plan - leads to a suboptimal return at best.

No matter how small your marketing budget or your marketing team is and no matter where you are in your marketing journey (you may be just starting, for example), you want to make sure you have a balanced marketing plan.

A balanced marketing plan includes six key pillars. The 6PM Framework visualizes them as the image above shows.

  1. Establishing desired perception

  2. Attracting your target audience

  3. Engaging your attracted audience

  4. Delighting your engaged audience

  5. Growing with your delighted audience

  6. Analyzing your data and generating insights from it

The first pillar, establishing desired perception, is branding. The second to fifth pillars are your marketing strategy. The sixth pillar is marketing data.

Using the house analogy (as the image shows), your marketing plan should have a foundation and a roof. The foundation in marketing is branding and the roof is marketing data analytics. The main living area of your marketing house is your marketing strategy which is divided into four rooms: attract, engage, delight, and grow.

Here is a 5-minute summary video that concisely explains the 6PM Framework:

Who is the 6PM Framework for?

Although the 6PM Framework can be helpful and relevant to many marketers, CEOs, and business owners, it can be especially relevant to CEOs and business owners (and their marketing team):

  • Who have an established business but they hadn't invested in marketing. They have an ambitious organic growth target and want to create a marketing engine that enables the exponential growth.

  • Who want to shift from the sales-led, referral-based go-to-market strategy to a marketing-led strategy.

  • Who want to reduce their customer acquisition cost and increase customer lifetime value.

Why do SMEs want the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework?

To prioritize resources on what really matters.

According to an HBR article entitled “Eliminate Strategic Overload”, working on multiple different initiatives don’t necessarily add up to your company's success. The less the better. Focusing on few initiatives with greater impact rather than spreading your resources too thin will bring better results and a higher return. The 6PM Framework helps you identify those few initiatives with greater impact.

As customer behaviour and their expectation continue to change, marketing’s role has been growing and will continue to grow. Today’s buyers want to educate themselves by visiting your website and consuming your content rather than being educated by a sales person. They prefer frictionless online purchase rather than being sold to by a sales person. From attracting your target audience to engaging and delighting them, marketing’s role is expanding. Plus, shiny object syndrome is very real. New trends and marketing technologies keep popping up. In the absence of a framework, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. The 6PM Framework helps you avoid it.

To visualize your marketing priorities.

Another benefit of The 6PM Framework is visualization of your marketing priorities. We humans are a visual being. Having your marketing priorities visually presented within the Framework helps you identify gaps (if there is any) in your marketing effort. A holistic marketing plan should include all six pillars.

According to the 11th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2021 report, produced by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, what the top performing marketers and businesses do differently from their counterparts is writing down goals and measuring their progress against them. By utilizing The 6PM Framework, you can write down everything you are attempting to achieve with your marketing and track the progress.


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