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Mihae Ahn, MBA

director of marketing

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I am an experienced Director of Marketing with 15 years of experience in various industries including IT, the energy sector, and fashion. 


I have increased weekly leads from inbound marketing activities by more than 600% within a year.


I have led multiple teams/departments to several marketing awards and industry recognition throughout my years.


The main focus of my career has been helping organizations with little to zero marketing to build a solid marketing team and create/implement effective strategy. 


 I have Increased website organic traffic by 576% and new visitors to the site by 452% within one year by re-designing the website and implementing an effective SEO strategy.


My career has taken me around the globe. I have personally worked in Toronto, New York City, and Seoul. I have also consulted with and managed teams in Bangladesh, China, England, Korea, and the United States.

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