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Mihae Ahn

Author, Marketing Executive,  EDIB Advocate


Real, raw, and refreshing, Perfectly Incomplete is a story of fighting imposter syndrome time and time again, unleashing wildly alive passion, and dreaming big (really big) that will inspire you to ask yourself, “Why not me?”

Aren’t you tired of the perfectly filtered pictures and perfectly packaged stories on social media? Where everyone seems to be having the best time of their life, all the time, and you feel like a loser for not doing so?

Mihae Ahn gives a middle finger to the filters and dives right into the real and raw stories of crying her eyes out, suffering self-doubt, having an endless loop of self-sabotaging talks, discovering what she truly wants, accepting herself, and breaking the tiny damn shell that had confined her. 


In a world full of advice and how-tos that are overwhelming and worse, often irrelevant to our own lives, Mihae refuses to give advice but shares her stories. While advice is heavily context-dependent, these stories allow us the freedom and space to draw our own advice. 


In Perfectly Incomplete, Mihae tells stories that ask and answer the following fundamental questions to live her most authentic life:
•    “Who are you?”
•    “What excites you so much that it’s hard to calm yourself down?”
•    “What boils your blood like nothing else?”
•    “What are you good at?”
•    “How do you want to be remembered?”


Our stories continue until the moment of our final breath. So, the story is perfectly incomplete at any given moment. And that’s the beauty of being alive. We get to continue writing our perfectly incomplete story. 

Marketing  Executive

Mihae is Vice President of Marketing for a technology consulting company. She takes a systematic approach to marketing with the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework.


Many businesses invest in marketing without a strategy and expect an unrealistic return on investment. Marketing can easily be overwhelming to executives and owners with too much information available, new marketing technologies popping up constantly, and a ridiculous number of advertisements and cold emails targeted at them.

The 6PM Framework guides through the noise and helps to create a balanced marketing plan. With it, clarity is gained, prioritization becomes easier, and as a result, marketing becomes a true enabler of achieving short-term and long-term business objectives. Then, only then, marketing can contribute to business growth.

Measurable, solid ROI by lowering the customer acquisition cost and increasing the customer lifetime value. This is the outcome of using the 6PM Framework.

The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework.png

EDIB Advocate

Mihae has deeply bothered by various forms of social injustice throughout her life. The issue she is currently putting most effort into eradicating is gender inequity exacerbated by racism and white supremacy. She fights against it by organizing community events, speaking, mentoring, and writing.

Here are some of her writings:

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