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Mihae Ahn, MBA is an executive at a technology consulting firm with a huge passion for gender equity and social justice. She is an author, a self-made marketing executive, a mother, a wife, and a life-long learner. When she is not writing, she partners with technology giants like Microsoft and Meta to help organizations adopt cutting edge technologies. Having been on the streets marching for the causes closest to her heart, she continues to devote her time and energy to do her part to foster parity, justice, and equity.


Mihae is a huge fan of books. She finds answers to her questions in books. She call the authors of those books her secrete mentors.

My Career. Where I am now.

I am Director of Marketing at ProServeIT, technology advisory and consulting company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. I joined the company in May 2016. Prior to my time, the company had a sales-focused/referral-based go-to-market strategy. Since its inception in 2002, it hadn’t have a marketing team or strategy. I was the first full-time marketing employee. I’ve grown the 1-person operation to 9-people team within less than 5 years.

ProServeIT realized the need to invest in marketing if they were to continue to grow. Marketing is what enables exponential yet sustainable growth. Incremental growth may be possible but exponential growth won’t be possible without marketing. I don’t take this responsibility lightly. Enabling exponential growth. That’s my mission. That’s what the team and I proudly work towards everyday. And guess what? The company has been experiencing exponential growth throughout my career here. Below is some of my achievements. 

business Growth

Created, implemented, and matured inbound and outbound marketing strategies, which resulted in on average 182% increase in website visitors and 242% increase in website leads.

Brand Building

Operationalized an annual virtual conference that attracted 4,000 people across North America the first year. Increased the conference attendees by 27% the second year.

Competitive Advantage

Created The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework to achieve the overarching business objective of enabling exponential growth and generate desirable ROI. 

My Career Journey

I have also been leading a marketing team at LineZero since the beginning of 2019. ProServeIT started this new venture to serve different demographics with different service offerings. Just the way I built ProServeIT's marketing, I have been creating LineZero's marketing since the venture started.


Being in a driver seat for anything, everything to do with “marketing” has been a thrilling and rewarding journey so far. A blank canvas was in front of me. It was up to me to create an art piece (ie. the marketing team and strategy) that can go well with the room (ie. the company’s objectives).

I invite you to visit my LinkedIn page to see my previous experiences in various sectors in the United States and Canada. Look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn.

My Journey

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